If you’re thinking of buying a vintage engagement ring, good for you!

There’s nothing else quite like them – that’s what makes them so special.

Before you rush off to that estate sale to look for an estate engagement ring or boot up the computer to look for an antique or vintage engagement ring, though, here are some things to keep in mind.

Choosing a Vintage Engagement Ring

vintage wedding ring

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First, the best thing about an antique or vintage engagement ring is that you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing your ring.

This gives you a great opportunity to express your personal flair with style, but beware that your personal tastes may change through the years. So make sure that any vintage engagement ring you fall head over heels for is a keeper, and not just a passing fling.

Keep in mind that not all vintage engagement rings or estate engagement rings are the right choice for a ring you’ll be wearing every day.

Some of the stones in vintage engagement rings, Art Deco ones for example, may have stones in them that are too large and have straight edges that make them uncomfortable when worn alongside a wedding band.

Certain stones may not be right for your vintage engagement ring.

One gem you want to stay away from is turquoise. Beautiful as it is, turquoise has a nasty reputation for discoloration over time.

Another stone to be wary of in a vintage engagement ring is an opal because it’s so fragile and can develop cracks over time. Also, you want to be careful of pearls because they are porous and often lose their distinct sheen with age.

Be careful of pearl vintage engagement rings as the pearl may lose its sheen with age One final note, be sure to carefully inspect the setting of any antique or vintage engagement ring before you buy it.

This is especially true if there’s any delicate filigree work in an engagement setting. Yes, it’s fabulous to look at, but these types of settings are delicate and easily damaged.

And the last thing you want is a gorgeous, to-die-for vintage engagement ring that spends far too much time of its time at your local jeweler being repaired!