designer jewelry

What has your influenced you as a contemporary designer?

A good influence is found in the plastic arts, because they have soul, color, shape and the experiences of each artist. Since I was young I was always interested in art, in fact did not know if I should study industrial design or fine arts, but when visiting the university where I studied design I realized that I could grow more as an industrial designer even if one day I decided to be a fine artist.

I started to visualize sculptures with futuristic and more advanced materials. Aerodynamics has always influenced my designs. I believe that everything that touches the air has to follow its shape and movement. It is almost as if the wind becomes the sculptor.

What advice would you give to someone starting to design jewelry?

Always try to do different things, experiment with shapes and materials, processes, etc …, It is important to note, that jewelry has to conform to the human body, try to use ergonomics so the jewelry can be both comfortable and valuable. In other words every piece has to be adaptable to the human body.

This is were each form takes an aerodynamic shape while sending a strong message that can be aggressive or friendly, yet thoughtful. As a designer I have always attempted to be innovative.

Fantasy and dreams are my allies; I have designed sets, exhibition stands, street furniture, art objects, furniture design and jewelry and try to keep abreast of new materials. I have a degree in automotive design and this has given me more tools to design further, as a vehicle meets the form, technology, aerodynamics, innovation of materials, color, ergonomics, light, energy, space, etc. This has helped me evolved as a designer.

When I design furniture for any home, office or restaurant, I have to make sure it is both functional and beautiful. When a space or a piece is difficult to design, it becomes a challenge that makes me grow as a designer and artist.

In addition, I have developed a project of monumental clocks for public or private spaces; these are both contemporary sculptures and clocks that give you the time, the weather and the date. Therefore, they are useful and functional as well as beautiful works of art and therefore give you the time, date and degrees.

Thank you Silvino for your candid interview. As always, I continue to admire your work as a contemporary designer and look forward to our future collaboration.

To learn more about Silvino Lopez Tovar’s work visit his website.